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You can help save our world, right from your kitchen! FoodScraps360 is
a local compost collection service, providing residential, commercial and
event services in New York’s capital region. We make composting an
easy and empowering experience.

We aim to create a “360” experience for you, our valued customer. In the spring, we provide a bag of free compost to use in your lawn or garden. This provides an easy, natural alternative to chemical fertilizers, and helps to illustrate the full lifecycle of food scraps. Compost isn’t waste, but rather a valuable resource!​

We continue to find innovative ways of engaging and uniting our community around food scraps. Together, we believe community is a powerful force for change!

FoodScraps360’s story begins in the springtime of 2017. That’s when Sonia and Steve, our co-founders, first began collecting compost in New York’s Capital Region. FS360 is designed to be the perfect environmentally sound solution to the extensive issues generated by food waste in our cities.

Our ever-growing service area centers around Schenectady, Albany, Delmar and Troy. 

We pride ourself on being a small, minority and woman-owned business. FS360 is passionate about supporting women's rights and gender equality throughout our communities.

Sonia Sandoval
Steve Relles
President and Co-Founder
Vice President and Co-Founder